About Us

What we are

TransFamily is a transgender support group in the Northeast Ohio area that meets monthly. Family members, friends, parents and spouse are welcome at the meetings. The meetings are a safe space for all who fit somewhere in the gender spectrum or are searching. This in inclusive of all transgendered subcategories, e.g.  FTM, MTF, cross dresser, gender bender, questioning one's gender or orientation, etc. Please see regular meetings for meeting schedule. 

In addition the the regular meetings, TransFamily operates several e-mail based mailing lists. See the discussion groups for more information. 


TransFamily provides support, education, advocacy, and outreach for the transgendered community, families, friends, partners, and allies of all ages, through meetings, presentations, seminars, media outreach, and an emergency resource hotline (216-691-HELP (4357)).


TransFamily Of Cleveland was formed by Karen and Bob Gross as a result of their efforts to find a support system to help them deal with their own child's transition. Bob & Karen met in high school, and have been married for 48 years. Bob has an MBA in Banking and Finance and is a CPA. Karen has a BS in Education and taught school for many years. She now splits her time between being Bob's office manager, running her own business (helping new mothers in the first weeks after childbirth), and TransFamily. Together, they have traveled throughout the country speaking to groups and PFLAG chapters, educating all who will listen about transgender issues. Bob and Karen also contributed chapters to Mary Boenke's book, Trans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones, now in its 3rd edition.


"My name is Karen Gross, and I started TransFamily of Cleveland. I am the mother of a 41 yr old FTM "child" who came out to us about 20 yrs ago. I would have loved to have someone like the folks on this site to talk with. That's why I started TransFamily and many of the support email lists - so that others can have what I missed.

"Early on, I didn't understand, and I still don't understand, why this had to happen to my child. My child is so much happier and leading a better life after his transition, so I accept my child and whatever it is he has to do to be a happier person. He is now in an twelve year (legal) marriage and is working with agencies to foster or adopt children."