Medical Practitioners

An analysis of Google Analytics data showed us that Ohio visitors to this site are coming for two reasons. The first is to find information about the TransFamily group. The second is to get information about local medical practitioners. In the past, it was extremely hard to find a list of local trans-friendly medical practitioners, and it was even harder to find one that was up to date. Recommendations floated around on the mailing list, but they were so unorganized it was difficult to make use of them. 

Our goal here is to maintain a list of medical practitioners in the greater Cleveland major metropolitan area and the immediately surrounding areas of northeast Ohio that have been vetted by TransFamily members as providing quality service.

This is not a complete list. It is only a list of practitioners who have been vetted by TransFamily members. Please consider looking for new practitioners we can add to our list and brings these names and your experience to the next TransFamily meeting. 

If you have corrections to the list, please contact the list maintainer by email at:
For adding practitioners to the list, please review the rules and procedure.

Prior to HRT, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the treatment protocols and guidelines published by various medical groups.
Provide additions, updates, and correction to me by e-mail.

Doctors (including PCP)
Primary Care Physicians and clinics

Therapists specialized in transgender topics

Hair Removal
Laser and Electrolysis providers

Reproductive procedures
e.g. Cryobanking sperm

Cosmetic Surgery
Breast surgeries
Plastic surgery